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Laser Cut

Laser Cut
The optical fiber laser cutting is a latest-generation machine, the machine has been designed to work thin thicknesses and in different materials starting from a thickness of 0.05 up to thicknesses of 3.0 / 5.0 mm depending on the materials. The worktop occupies an area of 1300×900 mm, more than enough space to accommodate raw materials with even small dimensions and a thickness in European tolerance T3. In addition to our standard normalized production, we work on customer orders by performing the tailor-made cut obtained from your designs in various materials such as: Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel Silver, Copper, Titanium and much more. For very thin materials, we do not recommend carbon steel as it is very difficult and expensive to carry out a protective surface treatment.
It is possible with laser marking you can add your logo or design code.
Laser cutting metal industry concept: macro view of industrial digital CNC - computer numerical control CO2 invisible laser beam cutter machine cutting stainless steel sheet with lot of bright shiny sparkles