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Insulation Shims


Insulation shims in plastic materials and vetronite

Our company works with plastic materials by carrying out design details obtained only and exclusively from sheet; we normally work thin shims, from 0.1 > 5.0 mm For other dimensions contact us and we will evaluate the feasibility and cost based on the drawing.

Shims or particulars to your design, are supplied in plastic materials of different composition, and are cut exclusively with a water jet cutting; in this method, toxic fumes linked to the cutting of plastic materials are avoided.

CNC water jet cutting machine modern industrial technology.

Vetronite, in addition to developing toxic fumes, if cut with traditional machines (CNC cutters, etc.) emit a lot of dust that must be absolutely sucked and eliminated from the work area.
We have remedied this with a double safety system, the water cutting reduces the development of stray dust to almost 100% and the operator is in any case equipped with all the PPE necessary for his protection.

At periods with a predetermined frequency from the working hours, the water is sent through a tank suitable for the aspiration of waste and sent to purification treatments.